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Particle To VDB


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The vdbfromparticles1SOP looks great, but I encountered a little problem, not sure if i got it right, but now if I use a point attribute to drive the density the sphere around the point seems empty,

if I use the normal density checkbox it looks solid

But for my case I want to fade out over lifetime.

I attached a file demonstrating the effect


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The VDB From Polygons has the option to "Fill Interior", doesn't seem to exist on the particle one though. I don't know if it is appropriate for what you are going to do with it, but you could increase the Half-band as well as lowering the Point Radius Scale - that seems to give you a non-hollow volume.

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I think using the volume rasterize points node should give you what your after. I've attached a file.

pscale affects the scale of the sphere stamped into the volume

density affects the density of the sphere stamped into the volume

Another advantage to this is that overlapping particle's density will be added, so if you have 10 particles all in the same position they will be much denser then just one particle.


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