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get rid of mushroom effect in explosion and add details in the opening


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I'm working on a ground explosion test and come across a few problems: the first few frames is important to me, I want to emphasize the expanding effect, so besides adding divergence, I also set keys on the fuel sourcing geometry‘s scale, but that seems to blur out the fire into a hot mess. How can I get more details in the expanding fire?

Also, I add some custom vel into the sim, making it blow up in scattered directions, the side effect is: instead of forming a big mushroom cloud, it generate small mushroom caps as shown in the following preview. I have also tried using particle system to drive the sim, it also easily end up with these mushroom caps... How can I get rid of that?

These problems are driving me crazy, if you have any advice, please help me, thank you very much!!!


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I think you also can try to make a preroll in your sim before activating the combustion ( igniting the reaction ) in order to have your turbulence field fully active.

Tell me if it's not clear enough ...

Thank you! I wonder why my turbulence can't work so well, definitely gonna try your method!

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Great knowledge dump there!!!

very good read. :D

I tend to like splitting up the fuel, velocity and density emitters so I can advect the fuel out before the temp it introduced and ignites the whole thing. it means you can sculpt the fuel a bit better and get some interesting burn shapes. Still gets a few mushrooms though!

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