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UV Tile (UDIM) Sensitive UV Quickshade


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I have a model with UVs laid out from u1_v1 all the way to u10_v1.

Multiple textures have been painted for this model, one texture per UV tile.

I would like to make a little tool that is effectively a UV quickshade but allows me to access all the different textures for each tile in one node.

I have attached a hip which shows a technique I have used in the past to access this UV tile data in the shader and render with multiple uv tiles and only one file input.


BUT... Annoyingly I can't see my textures on my model in the viewport. Can anyone tell me how the hell I get opengl to do what I want and get my textures to show up in the viewport in this case?



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Hmmm. So how are shaders like the "constant" shader and the "layered" shader working. In the colour map in the OpenGL tab of these shaders they seem to just be channel linked to whatever map is coming into the main colour map input. Where is the OpenGL side of things actually being defined? I couldn't see any nodes relating to OpenGL in the VOPs network...

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From what I understand, if no OpenGL shader is defined, it just falls back to the internally defined. Which is the case here.

The Internally Defined shader looks for certain parameters and gets it's informations from them. If you go to "Edit Parameter Interface" -> "For Rendering" -> "SHOP Options" -> "OGL", that's where those variables are prepared.


Unfortunatly I don't see, the internal GLSL shader exposed anywhere. I guess you'd have to dig in here: C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 13.0.237\houdini\glsl ?

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I'l revive this topic.


We have all assets currently textured using UDIM, which works great for rendering, but I'm facing the same problem as Tom. Can't for life of me find a way to show the correct maps in the viewport, which is not particularly pleasant for animators.


Anyone stumbled across the way to do this?

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Once more reviving this topic: if we have UDIM texture (i.e. geo has uvs laid out as UDIM tiles, and there is one texture file for each tile), how do we show this in viewport , if possible? Tried quickshade not but did not work...


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