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456.py Setting variables with Python


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I'm trying to use python to parse $HIP and define variables in houdini. Each Variable Project_Code, Sequence, Shot, and Task can be indeterminant length, so I only really know by the / what each value means. Since I can only use set -g in hscript how would I set these variables?


For instance version is based on hipname, but I need to do somethign like:

hou.hscript('set -g PROJECTCODE' = `pythonexprs("hipSplit[1]")` )

Which doesn't work in context.


$HIP = P:\projects\Project_Code\Sequence\Shot\Task\


import hou

path = hou.hscriptExpression('$HIP')
hipSplit = path.rsplit('/')[1:]
## hipSplit example ['projects', 'Project_Code', 'Sequence', 'Shot', 'Task']


## Sets houdini variable $PROJECTCODE
## PROJECTCODE = hipSplit[1]

## hipSplit[1] is Project_Code




## Sets houdini variable $VERSION
hou.hscript('set -g VERSION = `evals(substr($HIPNAME,0,evals(strlen($HIPNAME)-4)))`')










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Can you just use os.environ?


>>> import os

>>> hip = '/projects/Project_Code/Sequence/Shot/Task/blah.hip'
>>> tokens = hip.split('/')
>>> os.environ['PROJECT'] = tokens[2]
>>> hou.expandString('$PROJECT')



It also evaluates properly as a global variable for me.




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