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Ground dust puffs from animation


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I have an animated character brought into Houdini with Alembic. He is walking, and where his feet hits the ground there needs to be some kind of a dust puff. 


I don't really know how to accomplish it. Right now I've used a Trail SOP to calculate the velocity, and then in a VOPSOP I use a couple of Compare VOPs to find when the foot has hit the ground. When it does hit the ground I change the color and transfer that to the ground, where I emit particles for 1 frame. 


It kinda works, but it feels really hard to control and it could be a lot better.


Has anyone done anything similar, or have any ideas? If it were a simulation in DOPs it would be pretty straightforward, with impact data and what not. But with a cached animation I feel really lost..

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I would do the same as you are doing but also add an "explodin effect" from the foot and add a possibility to blend the foot's vel and the exploding effect.
I mean like playing around with forces :)

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