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POP object collide with Packed object H13


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Hi All,


I'm currently facing a simple problem:

Does the POPs object able to collide with Packed fractured objects ?

Attached is a simple file all created by shelf. I thought it collides by default but not.

The only way came up to my mind is to unpack the packed object and make the POP simulation inside another DOP, collide with unpacked SOP.


Houdini 13.0.288




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I have some success by transfer particle into packed tiny spheres.

Right now it's still buggy because it generate too many new sphere than actual particles emitted(also deleted by making their life 0 ).

I think either I wired wrong, or it was not suppose to do this the way I did it.


My guess is it wouldn't work right off the bat because POP isn't fully integrated with DOP side of things yet.

At least bullet itself needs proper setup for particles translate into tiny spheres.


I'll see if I can make my solution better with help from my friends, and post it here.

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Count me in for this as well, I have 4 buildings I did demolition, and made some secondary particles instanced as debris pieces, with the help of debris tool. I cant seem to collide the buildings with this pop if i simply assign the geo as static object, it seems to me that, it doesn't collide with the bullet solvers collision guide geo they however collide when I create an sdf field from proxy VDB volume( because now I get enough detail I guess for collision), but this process is so slow since I have a lot of detail in those buildings. 



Check the docs:





In Houdini 13, RBD Packed Objects can’t interact with other solvers such as cloth and fluids.



Works fine if you use RBD Fractured Objects.


do you mean, it will work, if I unpack my cache and make it static, it will work with POP collision


I am using the new POP in DOPS btw,

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