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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, I’m looking to receive some advice on a simulation I’m working on. My aim is to set up two fluid simulations following their own curve which leads to them both colliding and mixing together. What would be the best approach? Hope this makes sense! Thanks I’m advance.
  2. collision of 2 smoke objets

    Hi everyone ! Do you know how to make collide 2 pyro objects, for example one pyro going in +y direction and the other going in the -y direction and pouuff ! In the pyro solver node you can define buoyancy direction but how to define 2 different directions ? multi solver ? Thanks !
  3. Hi guys, I was about to make an effect of two ocean wave collide and combine together. But I have no idea where to begin. Someone who is interested in or have some idea please help me, give me some suggestion. Thanks a lot.
  4. I am trying to create a solid object, with hair simulation that can collide with other surfaces. Right now I am using the "Organic mass" shelf tool, to create a solid object of a sphere. I am then applying hair (Add fur) and then adding hair simulation (Also via the shelf tool) I have also added a ground plane. When the solid object collides with the ground plane (And the object begins to deform), the hair simulation explodes. Is there another way to create a solid object with hair simulation, that will work, when colliding with other objects?
  5. Particles collide inside a mesh

    Hello everyone,Sorry for the basic question but I just want to emit some bouncing balls inside a mesh with Houdini 15.5. To create that I just create a source particle emitter and I put it inside my collider mesh. I make the mesh a static object and increase the uniform division and click on invert sign in the static object node. But when I launch the simulation the particles have a very strange behavior. If anyone have some idea to achieve this.Thank you for your response. animation_particles_gpe_v003.hip
  6. Collisions inside mesh

    This is a extremely basic question so i'm sure i'm being an idiot but how do you make RBD objects (or RBD packed objects) collide with the inside of a mesh as opposed to the outside? I thought it would be as simple as enabling "invert sign" on the static container object but it doesnt seem to work! What am I doing wrong here?? My complex scene is attached! interior_collisions.hip
  7. Wavetank collision issues

    Hi there! I've been stuck on this issue for a few days now, and it's really doing my head in. It's seems fairly straightforward, but I just can't get i right. Basically the issue is as follows : Ive got a wavetank (scale - 150, 70, 150) and I've got an oil rig model that I want to function as a static collision object. My problem is that I'm not pleased with the amount of splashes and turbulence that this collision creates so I want to find a way to increase the turbulence/velocity that the collide object generates. I've already tried several methods like using a fluidsource in sops and adding curlnoise from there. It kinda works, but hard to control, especially since my scene scale is so large. Also Im converting to vdb and sourcing the proxy volume in the /autodopnetwork/staticobject. Does anyone have any immediate thoughts on how I could resove this? Help would be greatly appreciated Thanks /Erik
  8. Hi All, I'm currently facing a simple problem: Does the POPs object able to collide with Packed fractured objects ? Attached is a simple file all created by shelf. I thought it collides by default but not. The only way came up to my mind is to unpack the packed object and make the POP simulation inside another DOP, collide with unpacked SOP. Houdini 13.0.288 Thanks. popCollisionWithPacked_H13.hip
  9. Hi! I have made a glass that shattered. See: Now i have cached it out and want to add some flipfluids such as wine. But because my glass object is to thin, its just go's true my glass. What i tried to do is to set its collide divisions to 150, but then im stuck with another problem. before the glass hits the ground, almost all fluids is disappeared. Has anyone a solution how to handle this kind of things? thnx alot!!!!