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Fill deforming cached animation with points


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I have alembic cache of animated creature. Now I want to fill that in with scatter points, in the way so that they don't float or jitter. It works fine with area attribute, but then I only get points on surface when I really need them inside. I've found a couple of solutions but they don't work very well in my case. For example cloth capture seems fine on first frames but then geometry starts stretching, even if I increase radius very high. Another one with custom otl gives me an error from start. 





It's been quite a while since those topics were created, especially  the first one, so I thought perhaps anyone's got a different solution?



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Something like this? 


Depending on your geometry you may have to increase the Radius on the Lattice SOP to make it capture all the points. Might also have to subdivide your geo first if it doesn't got enough points to capture with.


edit: The Group SOP isn't necessary btw. Don't know why I included that.




edit2: Could do something like this as well to always have them pointing outwards:



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