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Pyro change only collision field grid division ?


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Hey ,


Is it possible to change the resolution of the grid of certain field in a pyro simulation, like the collision field or collisionvel field ?

I tried to change the collisionmask scalar field node inside the smoke object, and multiply the size expression by 2, but it doesn<t seem to update when I'm vizualising it.




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Yes, seems like the solver resizes the collision field to match the density field, you can disable that by clearing the reference parameter from pyro solver -> smoke solver -> buildcollisionmask

But - I don't think it would really benefit you in any way, as the meaningful operations (Gas Enforce Boundary, Gas Project Nondivergent) are done on the velocity field's resolution.


If you're starved for memory, it might in theory make some sense to reduce the resolution of some fields if you don't need them at the full accuracy, but probably you're best off by just leaving them be.

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