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Convert - Reverse - Flip Backslash \ to a Forwardslash / hscript


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I'm using Hscript for some paths in Houdini and some of the global variables on windows are coming in as Backslashes \ and for some uses I need them as Forwardslashes / in Houdini and \ backslashes outside of Houdini.


Is there a way to change the forward slash to a back slash? Unfortunately backslash is an escape character...





needs to be



As silly as this is in order to convert the other way this is the method i have, but doesn't work in the reverse

`strreplace(strreplace("C:\Windows","/","\ ")," ","")`





Edit: mistyped forward instead of back

Edited by LaidlawFX
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For forward to backward slash is this conversion a bit simplier:

echo `strreplace("/project/project.hip", "/", "\\")`

For other direction I'm more comfortable with python:

echo `pythonexprs("str('c:\project\project.hip').replace('\\','/')")`
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Hey Petr,

Thanks for the help, one last question for this then, if you don't mind.


Would you know why something like this wouldn't evaluate?

echo `pythonexprs("str(expandString('chs("mypath")')).replace('\\','/')")`

with chs("mypath") == c:\project\project.hip


I'm at the unfortunate situation to be half between languages at this point.


Thanks again

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You are welcome, for python it needs to be:


(hou is Houdini python module, and there are extra backticks around chs())
But this hscript(python(hscript)) seems to be a little bit complicated for evaluation.

Once in python stay in python:

echo `pythonexprs("str(hou.parm('/obj/geo1/null1/mypath').eval()).replace('\\','/')")`

Where mypath is string parameter on the null1 node.
For evaluating on the same node you can use something like this in hscript expression:


Where pwd() return current node.



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Guest mantragora

Remember that you can also use

>>> import os
>>> os.path.normpath("C:\\\Windows/System32//oobe\/\/\/info\\\\//////backgounds")

to fix mixed slashes problem and always get "\\" from environment variables or any path. Edited by mantragora
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