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How to stop deforming RBD?


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Hi guys..


Can I stop deforming RBD on each pieces?


I make a sphere and make fracture with voronoi and use mountain sop to deforming pieces.


and make attribute 'active' to make only few pieces can active.


After that I bring them to the DOP and check 'use deforming object' and use active value


So I can fracture some pieces but after fractured, fractured pieces are still deforming


How can I stop deforming about fractured pieces??


Example Hip file is added... any comments will be fine  :)




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One way in sops, before piping the object to dops, would be to transfer the red color back to the deforming chunks and run a sopsolver to freeze the deformations of the points for all points which turn red. This will ensure that all objects which turn active will stop having points deforming.

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I have not looked at your file, but the first thing that comes to mind is: why?
you can just delete out the parts on the frame they get active.
So that you have your static deforming geo, and the pieces in the shape and in the position you want them to be on only the frame that they should be activated in the sim.
now use two rbd fracture objects and let them collide.
The one with the "static pieces" set that to deforming geometry and lay a active value underneath and set it to 0 and updated always.
Then on the one that should be active simply set the creation frame to $F and there you go.

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