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Particle motion blur render issue

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Hey there,

I have a particle system which has some geo (arrows) attached, and they are flying through the air, then collide with a plane then stick.

Easy enough.  I have a point sop after the copy to add velocity for motion blur.  When I render them, they get the motion blur, but the ones that stick still look they have motion blur on them.  Is this because the particle still has velocity on it somehow?




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Well I'm getting motion blur,  but the ones that stop in front of the camera, which are the particles that get stuck on the plane still look like they

have motion blur on them, even though they are not moving anymore.  If that makes sense.

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Hi David

would you mind putting up a version of your file.

That way maybe we can see what is going on.


There´s 2 POP methods in Houdini 13/(if you are on 13) so it is impossible to see which one you are using with your explanation.



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What is the particles collision behaviour? If you are using "stop" for example, they will keep the velocity they had when they collided. Right-click on the node -> spreadsheet and see what the velocities look like.


You could also skip velocity blur alltogether and just go with deformation blur.

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