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Saving selection of nodes to a new hip file


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It really depends on what you mean by a clean/new hip file.


You can use hou.copyNodesToClipboard() and hou.pasteNodesFromClipboard() to basically copy your nodes, then create a new hip and paste them into that.


If you want to basically extract them directly to a new file while maintaining the current session, that gets a lot more complicated.

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I am aware of the first method. Annoyingly the latter was what I was going for. I started off looking for an "Export selection" option under the main houdini "File" menu and was quite surprised when I didn't see one as both Maya and XSI have one.

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What about using opscript command on nodes to save them into .cmd file and source that file into new houdini session? (There is nice example of this workflow in Ari Danesh GoProcedural - Light Shade and Render lesson 10)

There is also asCode() method in python.

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