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Vector/Scalar Field that Translates Particles

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I'm trying to get particles to emit from a source and then move with that source as it translates along.


So what would typically happen is your particles would emit and fly off in to space but I want the emitted particles to stay close to the source and still have other forces affect it.


I was thinking about creating a bounding box around the source then converting it into a volume and using the volume as a force to translate the particles but the volume injects unwanted velocities that make the particles fly off.


I've attached a basic setup that breaks down the desired effect.


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Thought about that but my scene is a little more complicated than this example, I have an organic deforming mesh with the emitter constrained to the surface.


I could probably strip out all the translation out of the original rig inside maya and then sim on a deforming (not transforming) mesh, thereafter reapplying the translation but that's a major work around and I'm hoping I can mix in some of the translation velocity.


That's why I thought a scalar volume could update the overall position of the sim per frame?

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