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Quick scripting question...


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Hi guys, I couldnt figure out something, need your help.


So I want to pre scale individual primitives with foreach sop before generating the voronoi fracturing (it is a wood mesh). The classic work flow, scale it down so can get the splinter look when you scale it back after the fracturing. So I just want to make sure I control pre scale the each individual piece by their longest side.


Thats kinda it, I ve been trying to do it with vopsop and attrwrangle but I just couldnt make it work correctly. 


I would much appreciate some help. 




I was going for this kinda solution. Change the name of the string that I might use to scale, and compare the each axis with each other.. but again if you guys know a better way, Im ready to learn.

s@mysizeName = "X";

if ( v@sizeAttr.z > v@sizeAttr.x ||v@sizeAttr.z >v@sizeAttr.y)
    s@mysizeName = "Z";
s@mysizeName = s@mysizeName;

if (v@sizeAttr.x >v@sizeAttr.y ||v@sizeAttr.x >v@sizeAttr.z)
    s@mysizeName = "X";
s@mysizeName = s@mysizeName;

if (v@sizeAttr.y >v@sizeAttr.x ||v@sizeAttr.y >v@sizeAttr.z)
    s@mysizeName = "Y";
s@mysizeName = s@mysizeName;
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