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Exporting smoke simulation


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Hello everyone,


quick question, i am trying to save a smoke sim as a bgeo file, in order to import it later on during the rendering.


I am currently using the indie version of Houdini, but sadly i am not allowed to use a RopNet in DOPS to cache out the simulation, it returns an error as soon as i hit render.

It is a smoke object derived from my flip simulation that should be rendered as a mist pass to give it some more depth (using its density attr) and why not, muddle things up a bit, it's just for learning purposes ;)


Now, i am still a novice when it comes down to basically everything in Houdini, but there are different ways to cache geo out so I'm just getting more and more confused,

I tried to use a DOP I/O but with no luck, probably due to my lack of expertise.


Any suggestions?







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The "File" node in the DOP context writes out .sim files, not .bgeo files, also it's not enabled on Houdini Indie (nor was it enabled in Houdini Apprentice). It will need to be written out at the SOP level. For an example just create a simulation with the toolbar buttons and you'll see how they get the data back into SOP from DOP.

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