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Sky Rig Volume Rendering taking ages.

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I've got some big issues trying to render a Sky volume created in H13 using Sky Rig. The Rendering times are far from acceptable, it takes more than 4hrs to render single frames, so I need to find out how I can optimize my scenes.


The cloud box has a size of 50/50/150, which doesn't feel that huge to me.


The rendering resolution is HD 1920*1280.


Pixel Samples: to 9/9

Min Ray Samples: 3

Max Ray Samples: 9

Noise Level: 0.005


Volume Quality: 0.9

Volume Shadow Quality: 1


Volume Limit: 6


If I lower Volume Quality to 0,2 or something like that, it renders faster but the grain and noise in the image become unacceptable...so I'm running out of ideas.


This all renders 4hrs/frame on a Xeon E5-2665 with 24 Cores and 48GB RAM...so there must be something completely wrong with my settings.


Any suggestions are very much appreciated!


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