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Delete constraint based on the position of the simulation.

Lucas van Rossum

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I try to remove the constraint with a sop solver plugged into a constraintnetwork node to have the updated states of the simulation.


The constraint network fall throught the bounding box but is not deleted...


Here is my hip file:

It works well for me.

The bottom of constraint has be deleted.

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Sorry for my poor english, I was not very clear...

You are right the bottom of the constraint has be deleted.

But i try to delete constraints pieces that fall on ground (they enter in the delete node bounding box that is in the sop solver) 




Oh, my English was bad too.

I think i get what you mean.

Actually in the sop solver you can see the constraints network was stay still,it not follow the rbd object, so it was just delete the bottom constraints and although the rbd object fall on ground, its constraints was still the first frame postion, so it can't be deleted.


To do it ,add a another delete.

Hope it may help.


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Thank you.


I find it's dificult to debug the sop solver in this situation. I have no feedback when i dive in to the SOP solver.


You are right, in my exemple it's easy to have multiples delete nodes.

But in my actual project this is not an option.


Do you know any solution to import the updated position of the constraint network in the sop solver ?



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