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close-up shot Fire details


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Hi guys.  I have got a close-up shot fire efftects.  a big fire,!   t's about a 5 meters high gate bruning and being hitting a bite.


I have sim the fire with a high resolution   600 530 330     But.the details are not  meet demand .  May be the shot is too close, So the edge of the fire is so blur, How can I make it sharp?


I tried Sim the N field to use the pyro2  displacement shader , But it still not good enough.


So how could I do now .


The fist picture is nearly like what I Sim now.  But the other picture is what the director want.






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Reduse "Temperature Diffusion". Default is 0.5 which is quite high.

You can sharpen it in comp itself.

Thanks. I already reduse this value to 0.25 .  Maybe I should reduse to 0.1 or even lower.   But, How about the details?   U know  the resolution is too high enough , but the details can't make director feel OK.

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