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essential pop network question...


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Hey Oliver,


Your message comes across as a new user so forgive me if my reply comes across as patronizing (if you are a more experienced user)


A couple things to keep in mind with Houdini:


1. Houdini's Viewer's (Specifically the scene view) sometimes crap out (a fine technical term is I do say so myself) so you may need to close the scene tab and open a new one.

2. If that doesn't fix it make sure your OpenGL is up to date and if you are on MacOS well be prepared for some weird issues. You can try changing you OpenGL version in your settings (Edit>Preference>3D Viewports)

3. Lastly just make sure you display flags are where they should be.


As for your Particle Problem it was as simple as going in your popnet and selecting your POP Source ('source first input') and setting the emission type to points instead of surfaces. We set it to points because the source SOP you are using does not have any surfaces so that is prob why you did not see anything.



I hope that helps!

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thanks for the help.

Fortunately my display/scene view works pretty smooth. Newest OpenGL (4.x I think.., well Houdini just go to 3.x .. :-(  ). I own a PNY Quadro K6000 and so the display have to work :D


back to my problem: you are right. I just forgott the damn switch for surface/points. I've done it so often but yesterday... As I said: a knot in my brain.

Thanks and a good new year



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