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Randomize a start animation time inside a For Each SOP


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Hi Guys,

I'm making an effect where i fracture a geometry into pieces. After that fracture, I use a For Each SOP to access all the pieces created. I animate a mask (with ramp on a VOP SOP) to make those pieces disappear. All of this is done.

The problem now is that i want to make the animation on the For Each Sop start a different time (randomize the start). Is there anyway of achieving this? 

Thanks a lot guys! 


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Hi guys, thanks a lot for your time.

I've already found a solution, it works, but maybe its not the best approach. 

My goal was to have an animation inside a for each sop starting at different times. That way pieces wouldn't all fade at the same time. 

My solution was to use a Timeshift after the Noise_animation, and then i used an expression randomize the number. 


Do you guys think its the best solution?!


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