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Custom Velocity Fields


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I'm trying to create an explosion with the pyro tool but i also want to generate the shock wave that comes with an explosion. So far the best method i can think of is creating a custom velocity field to push the smoke outwards. But i cant seem to find a tutorial on creating custom velocity field that would give me an idea on how to shape it to push the smoke outwards. Does anyone have any material or an example file on how to proceed?




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In SOP, create a pointcloud with with the desire shape and create velocity attribute on these points using VOP or whatever solution you like to craete velocity, after this if you use fluid source node, delete density volume and keep velocity volume. If your point have a v attribute on them it will create a velocity volume for you.


In dop you can bring your velocity with the source volume node, and plug it into the pyro veolcity input.


Hope it help a bit...



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I am still pretty new to Houdini and have been trying to figure out how to create custom velocity fields as well.  I came across this forum post and I started going through the pyroFX tut from above, but it is not working.  It accepts the noise inside the Volume VOP but you do not see it affect the volume trail.  The visualization is just straight lines at an angle.  Also, when i add the parameter 'windirection' like in the video I get an error at on the Volume VOP node saying "Unknown parameter: 'windirection'."  I have triple checked that it is set up like in the video and that my spelling is just like his as well so unless I still have missed something I am not sure what is causing it.  Has something changed in Houdini 15 since the video was made that may be causing this?  I know a lot of things have changed since houdini 13 and lower. I am only a few steps in (about the 24:06 mark) and have attached my file if it's needed.  If anyone can lend any help or advice it would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

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