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Mantra volume rendering ressources

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Hi Guys,


Sorry for an other new thread on "how to render volume efficiently in mantra" , but i haven't find a good enough ressource about this subject.


Is there a place / ressource / post / tutorial / book who explain very precisly how mantra works for volumetric rendering.

I mean after reading this , you know exactly what is what , and how you must work to optimised all.


for ex I would like to understand.

- each step of the rendering process and how they are executed sequentially for each mode reyes/raytrace/pbr

- i would like to understand how the volume grid is treated by mantra and how each parameter affect this grid

- i would like to understand exactly all the obscur parameter and how we can enhance them (Z-importance / offscreen quality ...)



is there a place where it is possible to learn to know exactly what you do with mantra , and not just having an approximate understanding of what you do.


thanks for any useful input !





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Not quite what you're asking for but still kind of relevant are the Production Volume Rendering course notes at http://magnuswrenninge.com/productionvolumerendering . In the second set of course notes, there's an implementation description of Mantra's microvoxel rendering written by Andrew Clinton (which he won a Sci Tech award for).

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Many thanks for all your input guys ! i will carefully watch this.


Edward the paper looks very interesting, i love those drawings when you have figure and graph that resume all.

Visually understand how mantra do to raymarch, and how each parameter can affect this is really what i need.


It looks that prman 19 and and Mantra are even closer now , maybe checking the prman help about volumetric rendering, could also give more info.


I have find that this post by jeff was very good:



Those looks interesting also:







If you have any additional ressources ! please share ! :)

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