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activate pieces on animated geo


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Need to do what RBD Keyframe Active does.. (apply transforms of animated

geometry, and also allow to key active on or off), but would like

to do that per-piece, ideally with i@active variable, or SOP-driven activation signal setup.


An example would be a pre-shattered box moving through space with various

pieces falling off based on a signal..

(would be awesome if there's an example which works with animation in a  bgeo sequence...).


thanks a lot,



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looks like in H14 this has been solved and packaged nicely, based on that 'animated objects' example.

Now just need to figure out how to stick shattered geo onto bgeo sequence of same stuff unshattered and should

be good. One of the examples seems to suggest a third party tool for this, wonder if you 

guys have houdini-native ideas. tried with parenting shattered geo to an extractTransform node which 

computes my transform(based on one frame of incoming geo, and the animated incoming geo),

but doesnt look right...

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Got it working with a bgeo sequence. 


Simmilar to "AnimatedOjbects" example, but on the transform node

where they have keyframe animation,  used "origin" expression to bring

in transforms which get computed by an extractTransform node.




curious thing, "Break" shelf tool seems to be broken in 14..

error:   'connected' is an invalid keyword argument for this function.

works in 13, and the Break node itself works fine.

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