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In these files i'm setting the @w parameter of alot of DOPS cubes so they rotate around the X axis.


If the cubes start at 0 on Z they animate as expected. However, if I set them to -5, they fly up into the air in the first frame. 


Any ideas why this is? Am I misunderstanding something


Ive attached the expected result, with the cubes at 0 Z pos at start as the tumble_correct.hip. The tumble_incorrect hip file is when the cubes start at -5 Z. This is the only difference in the files!


Thank you!






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I have only looked at the "incorrect" hip, but I'd guess the other one is incorrect as well  although it might look better. The reason is because they are pivoting from origin, ie 0, 0, 0. The packed prims doesnt have the pivot attribute on the first frame, and then they are already in motion so they fuck up.


You can solve this in a number of ways, one of them would be to create the pivot attribute manually before feeding them into dops. The easier way would be to just delay your SOP Solver there, ie plug in an Enable Solver under it with the expression $F>2. 


I marked the nodes I added in blue, however only one of them is needed at a time as I explained. Disable one of them and try both of them out.



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This is a great explaination David, and thanks for the hip, I havent used the enable solver yet, and it seems really useful.


The method I like best is creating the orient attribute manually, then I can just fire it all off from the first frame.


Thank you very much!

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