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PolyWire and SmoothPoint

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Hi all,

I'm trying to find an easy way of creating trunked tentacles and the PolyWire SOP was suggested to me by Jens, but I find that the Smooth Point parameter makes no sense and I cannot get smooth non-intersecting geometry at the joins.. Anyone know how to use this or have a better idea?

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Hey Jason

The polywire is designed to work best with the lsystem SOP since it uses alot of the variables output by the lsystem as its defining characteristics.

I've never used it myself other than to polywire a default lsystem and ooh and aah over it ;), but here's what I know.

The Smooth Point parameter is either off or on, 0 or 1 is all you get. The slider is a little confusing on this one since it looks like it should be able to go higher. 1 will attempt to connect the branches in a smooth manner, 0 will do exactly what it says nothing.

As for the smooth joins, I find the less number of segments you have, the better the join. However that reduces the amount of detail over the entire object. It does however accept a $SEGS variable, so you can control the amount of segments over the length of the geometry. I'd try and put less segments at the base of each branch and increase it as it gets further away. Combine this with the segment scales parameters and you'll be able to get nice smooth joins.

As I say, I've never actually used it to try and achieve anything, so this is all just stuff I've picked up.. hope it helps though.



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