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Can Shelf Tool Have Parameters Panel?


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Hi All,


I have a short python script that is running as a button the SHELF.

I have some hard coded strings in my script and it would be nice to move them up one level so an end user could type in values.


Can this be done with a SHELF tool or do I have to convert my tool to an HDA?

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Thanks for the link. I guess if I have to use a popup form that would be last choice. The strings in my code are more like properties that get set once depending upon the scene and OS. Then you click the button over and over to use those settings.  It would be nice if the SHELF tool had a parameter sheet like nodes.

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Thanks for the tips.


@mantragora: The ALT-Click might be a way to go for the popup dialog.


@michael: I am detecting as much as possible but this is an exporter that calls a 3rd party tool that could be installed on any drive. So some user interaction is probably required to specify where the tool is installed.

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