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Edge Gradient

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I have come up against this problem a few times but never really been able to solve it satisfactorily.


I want to be able to create a gradient which goes from the borders of any object towards the centre of that surface similar to a soft selection visualisation. The soft selection visualisation from the Soft Transform SOP (or Soft Peak SOP) can actually be "burnt in" by using the Keep Visualisation in Geometry option so that gets me almost there but not quite. This is because the Soft Radius used in both these SOPs is in world space so it is not proportional to the connected group of primitives it is applied to.


I have attached a file to illustrate the issue. So my question is, how can I go about achieving the same result but proportionally for each primitive group?


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Thanks Dmitry. That's exactly it! 


From what I see, you're calculating the area for each piece and then using that as a multiplier for the edge width. That will most certainly do the job. I'll add this to my useful hips folder!

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