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House Vs. superheroes (destruction shot)

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The Hero vs the Villain!

Personal project. Wanted to do some massive house destruction, also had an idea about these two characters. Maybe you can recognize one of them xD


Modeling: Maya.

Destruction dynamics: Houdini.

Rendering: Houdini, Mantra.

Compositing: Nuke.


More info in the video description








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Hey!! nice work!! the simulation is awesome, I really liked the way you build the layers in the house and it gives it a very realistic touch, the only thing I would be careful with is the smoke, it looks more like steam because it fades so fast, it should be thicker and last longer. I also think it is very turbulent but it shouldn't.


By the way. I've seen these offset time-lapse fast builds before, like the one where you show your modeling, but I don't know do they do it? You didn't really animated every brick did you?

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very nice work, really! how long did it take you to finish? have you done everything by yourself?

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