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Unwrap by polygon.


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Hey guys,


I'm trying to figure out a way to unwrap the polygons of a geometry by face. Meaning that:


face[x].vert[0].uv = [0,0]

face[x].vert[1].uv = [0,1]

face[x].vert[2].uv = [1,1]

face[x].vert[3].uv = [1,0]


What's the simple way to do this?


Oh and I tought I could do this using the Vop(attribute) Sop but how do you output uvs since they are not in the output node...


Thanks for your time guys.

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Hi Simon,


Here is a little hip with your idea. It's very basic and won't work correctly on any geo (has to be quad only) but can easily be improve!

There is probably better way to do it like always :)


Edit: just a quick comment. If you need those UVs for rendering purpose, you could simply use the built in "s" and "t" globals (in shop world) to get this.


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