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White water and wind force


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Hello I am relatively new to Houdini. I wanted to have a stormy ocean sequence and a boat in it.. I wanted some splash(spray) particles to breakup by wind. But connecting wind force to the whitewater solver is not working.  I tested the scene with a simple cylinder in wave layer tank. How can I have wind affect the whitewater? 






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If you only want the spray to be affected by the force you should be able to do so by connecting a popforce to the white water solver. This solver is there to offer a plug and play solution to most water sims,  but might be limited in some situations. The way to bubbles and the foam are being advected by the water sim might some times fight against or even override your custom forces. If you want to do something really custom you'll probably have more flexibility by simply using a pop solver and defining your own forces and advection from the sim. If you still want to stick with the white water solver you can always alter the position of the particle and this wont be overwritten or dimmed down by the solver but its generally not the best way of working.

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