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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, when rendering an ocean with white water in mantra, my Z Depth pass is not working with the whitewater. Any clues how to fix this?
  2. Hi everyone, recently picked up HOUDINI, coming from 3ds max. loving HOUDINI and its workflow! been doing some experiment with white water + flip, and had a few questions. the scene is based on the whitewater shelf tool. i have been tweaking the settings to get more detail and a more realistic look. the scene is rendered with redshift, with some basic shaders, so please excuse the rough render. attached a short test render for reference. Q1, FLIP MESHING thickness? blobbiness. the FLIP particle looks good, but when i mesh them, feels like i am "loosing" quite a bit of particle details and the mesh always looks bit blobby and thick. i have tried adjusting [particle separation] parameter down to 0.1 to get more "detail" into the simulation itself, and it helps. however, still feel like the water feels too blobby, as shown below. is the only way to get the thinner flip mesh to go with add more particles? i had tried reducing @pscale and [droplet scale], which does produce "thinner" looking fluid, is this the right workflow? but once this parameter is tweaked with, the White water particles (more information below) seems to "float" above the water mesh. also tried adjusting [influence scale], reducing it seems to retain more "detail" on the fluid surface, but noisier, is the default value a good value at production? Q2 WHITE WATER particles floating on top of fluid Mesh. the white water particles seems to be floating above the mesh water line, i am assuming its because white water is calculated based on the FLIP particles, not mesh. where meshing seems to change in its volume based on filtering and other settings. is there any way of marrying them better? Q3 BEST METHOD RENDERING WHITE WATER with REDSHIFT I am currently rendering WHITE WATER as simple particles with motion blur. was wondering if this is best practice to render white water with redshift? for example, is it advisable to separate the WHITE WATER as a separate pass? and comp them in post? and any other general TIPS and feedback is appreciated. apologize regarding the long post, and thank you in advance for any suggestions! have a great day all! waveBB.mp4
  3. hi, i just want to emitte white water from boat collision. i don't know how to do this. i'm attaching my render low res img..here is full flip tank emitting white water.. also attaching refrance
  4. Guna

    Foam Advection

    Hi, I am trying to create beach waves that kind of shrinks overtime, like in the image.I am facing issues with foam movement. The foam doesn't get the flip volume advection. I want the foam to move along the surface according to the waves.I don't know where I am wrong.Could anyone help me on this? BeachWaves_Test.hip
  5. Hello, everyone - I'm making a flip simulation , created manually than i tried to add white water from the shelf tool and i had a problem with that, So i created a white water from shelf in another project, see how it works , and recreated it in my project and THE PROBLEM IS foam sticking in air . i've attached projectfile THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWERS . Flip_and_whitewater.hip
  6. I'm adding white water to a sim and the whitewater is dying by chonks not randomly based in the life expectancy. Any idea of why this is happening or how to fix it? Thanks to all!
  7. hey, I created some ocean surface with the ocean waves shelf tool. My goal is to have some whitewater and mist on top of that which is colliding with the pillar in the middle. I wanted to ask you if you have some tips in general for me what could be a good way to go. I looked at the whitewater shelf tool but it works with flip simulations underneath and my setup is not simulated at the moment. I thought I create the ocean surface itself without simulation as the results are pretty nice and than some simulated white water and collision foam on the pillar...but I get a little stucked. Again I would be very thankful for some general tips about the workflow. kind regards Jon
  8. Hello I'm very new to Houdini and I have a question about whitewater rendering.The sim I am making is like a flood in a hallway (photo-realistically), I made this by create an emitter from fluid shelves tool, put some velocity on the source and add whitewater. The problem is the foam, spray, bubble appeared like fog when I rendered. I adjusted the smoke intensity and smoke density for the spray, added lights, changed mantra to physically based render but nothing works so far... I added particle birth on the whitewater sim, yet still the rendered whitewater looks like fog. I watched the waterfall tutorial, but it kindda skipped after creating the foam shader to comping... This is my test sim I wonder if anyone could advice ... Thank you! (working on Houdini 13.260) fail flood splash test.hipnc
  9. traiano

    Tidal Wave

    Hi I want to do a Tidal wave braking. It has to be a large wave with a LOT of foam and with a deadly curl. I made this rig so far for the surface with cloth. https://vimeo.com/62003308 Do you think it is better to put this surface animation inside an Ocean Tank 12.5 or it is better to do the traditional way of emitting flip fluids towards this surface and work on foam with velocity dependant?
  10. Hello I am relatively new to Houdini. I wanted to have a stormy ocean sequence and a boat in it.. I wanted some splash(spray) particles to breakup by wind. But connecting wind force to the whitewater solver is not working. I tested the scene with a simple cylinder in wave layer tank. How can I have wind affect the whitewater?
  11. hi. I was wondering how to generate white water on cached fluids. Maybe im doing something wrong. I cached my flattank_fluid to .bgeo but white water wants fluids. Any help? thnx
  12. Separating bubbles from foam to treat them differently in the white water tool. Bubbles turn into foam which is desired yet if not treated the same, same shader, same geometry...there's an obvious flicker as the points move from bubbles to foam and back again... any tips?
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