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Workflow For Debris Tool?

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Hi All,


I have a torus that drops to a ground plane and fractures.

I want to add debris to the pieces but the tools set is not cooperating.


What is the workflow for using the Toolshelf Debris button?


I have tried clicking it first then selecting my pieces and pressing Enter. (does not woe, claims I have nothing selected)

I have tried pre-selecting all the pieces and CTRL-Clicking on the too (that does not work either)

Then sometimes when it does seem to work I get a debris network but nothing shows up in the viewport.


This could be easier...what am I doing wrong?

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actually, I can never do that selection either (especially for dynamics self tools). usually i find it better to build the network myself (besides the selections I dont like the mess dynamics shelf tools always do in your networks).  if I need to learn the workflow I usually open an example file from the help browser. 

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Hey Atom,


It's quite simple. After a dopimport just put down a debrissource Sop and that's all you need (don't need to use the shelf tool). You might need to play with the edge debris and surface debris parms to actually see some points.


Also be careful with your start frame because the core of that Sop is a SolverSop so if you are not on frame 1 it will be cooking forever if you don't change the start frame inside the asset itself.

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