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[SOLVED]Compositor Won't Display Image Sequence?


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Hi All,


I have 1920x1080 JPG sequence that starts it's frame count at 1001 frames. So the padding is like this filename.01001.jpg.


The file field contains this value.



I am overriding the frame range of the File node and the detect does correctly detect the frame range wich does not start at frame #1, however, nothing appears in the compositing view on my Windows 7 64bit with a nVidia 660GTX running H14 Apprentice.


What is the trick to getting simple footage to appear in the compositor?


NOTE: If I browse to a single image it does show up, just not the sequence.


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I may be wrong on this but you're using $F5 which means that your sequence starts at frame 01001, but the playbar in your picture says that your playbar is at frame 28.

Maybe you want to change your global animation start frame to by 1001?

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