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[SOLVED]MotionFX Like C4D Delay Effector?


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Hi All,


I am having trouble configuring MotionFX to achieve the same effect I can get out of Cinema4D Delay Effector. Essentially all I want is a bounce at the end of a move. The Spring and the Jiggle both seem to modify the curve between two keyframes, but not add any information at the end of the curve. I want the extra infromation added to the end of the curve after my object reaches it's destination.


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Thanks for the hint, but I still can not get MotionFX to add anything to the end of my animation, it only modifies the curve between two keyframes.


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you can use Lag for getting overshoot (springy) motion effect that is dampen with time.

You need to switch Channel Range to Start/End or Use Full Animation Range to extend any animated curves.

You can then use for example Composite do to blend between keyframed animation and motion fx.


Look at attached example.


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