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Wave tank is giving me some problems


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I'm here again to ask for help, really this flip fluid will kill me. Anyway yesterday my scene was working fine and i was also ready to try a first render of all the frames just to get an idea of the simulation, today when i reopened my scene every time i wanted to jump on a random frame the scene was cooking my wavelayertank sim. For now i resolved the problem choosing to not display the dopimport node inside the wavelayertank_fluid and choosing to display the surface cache, this lead to another problem: the whitewater isn't display during the render anymore. Can i have please some help in this regard i already have done any other effects for this scenes but now i have to do only this fluid and online i didn't found anything to help me. Thanks in advance for any type of help.


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What I do when I have a fluid ready for render is to use a File node to write out the final BGEO.GZ sequence. Create a new GEO and use the default file node inside to read in the .BGEO.GZ sequence you have just written out. At this point you can simply disable the original simulation and you should be able to freely scrub the object sequence.

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