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Rigging Experiment

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Some more piccies. I've done a whole rig now, and I pretty happy with the way it turned out, also the control in making corrections is great. If an area is messing up in a pose just go to the flexor that is closest an tweak the parameters til you get it right.

I've gone with an anatomical layout for the positioning of the flexors, I'm sure other arrangements would work but this seemed a sensible way to go for a first try.





I've also made a few more bug fixes.

The main one being that if you didn't used frame 0 as the capture frame it didn't work.

I've also added a second input, this is for attaching flexors to other flexors. More on this later.


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Where's that ballet animation? :)


Simon knows only one great ballet:

Ode To Grays Anatomy in D minor.

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