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Create digital asset parameter from attributewrangle


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Hello friends: It has been a long time since my last visit to this website, I have some questions about create Digital Asset parameter interface. In a subnetwork context, I create a attribute wrangle, and write some script about primitive attribute in VEXpression. Now I want to put the two attribute(constraint_name and constraint_type)into the parameter interface. But I can not find the two attributes under the attributewrangle node. So how can I do this job? Thank you in advance!




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if i read your question right , you have created a string attribute in the wrangle node, and need to access that through the DA ? 


after you create the DA from the subnet , in the parameter interface of the DA create a string attribute called blah

and in your attribute wrangle node

use  chs("../blah"); , blah here is your conName

which will get the string attribute from the parameter interface


Hope this helps




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just typing ch("conName") or more precise chs("conName") doesn't create the parameter, to create the parameter you either need to

- do it manually through Edit Parameter Interface on Wrangle node


- click the plug icon on the right from the wrangle code, that will create basic parms from all your ch?() vex functions (here is important to call string parms as chs(), if you just use ch() it will create float parm)


then you will be able to promote them to asset

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