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3DS Max biped to crowd agent


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Hi all, I'm currently testing out the crowd tools and trying to export a biped rigged character from 3ds max into the houdini crowd system.


I have attached a scene where I imported a character in via FBX but couldn't get it to work properly in the crowd system. As you can see from the example scene attached, he is imported but the system doesn't simulate. I'm not really sure if this is because I've set it up wrong or if there's an issue with the FBX character.


I also keep getting this error pop up: SOP_Agent sopGetRigNodes: Animated geometry on '/obj/business_man/business01_m/business01_m_override' ignored.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading! :)




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I see what you mean, the simulation won't work because you can't bake out the agent. I did try importing the FBX directly and there are a set of warnings associated with this file. (http://forums.odforce.net/topic/12525-fbx-problem/)


However, I went ahead and created a bake agent node and was able to bake out the animation without the override message appearing. I don't know enough about crowd simulations to hook the agent up to the simulation but perhaps if you simply re-build the scene and when you import the FBX choose FBX standard instead of the default Maya compatible (that is what I did) it might work?

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