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DOP bgeo cache without the bloody ground plane...


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Hi - 


i have a POP Grains sim in an AutoDop network, then caching out to a bgeo sequence via dopImport, and it always exports the ground plane and static bodies as well -


Is there any way I can have it cache only the particles, or is there some way when I import the .bgeo cache to turn off the visibility of the other objects?

the ultimate goal is to cache out the sequence to a .bgeo cache, then render it subsequently - but of course i don't want the ground plane in the render.

Thanks people



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I just tested on mine, and it doesn't automatically export the static object, nor ground plane. 


Are you using 'popnet'? I saw a case that using the popnet, it exports everything inside the Dop Network. If that's the case, if you select the DOP Network, there's a tab 'Object Merge' and Object parameter is default to *, which you can change to 'popobject' so you only get the particles. 


Or, just drop down 'blast' SOP before you cache out, in the group, click dropdown menu to chose the group. Then check 'Delete Non Selected'. 



If this is not working, can you post a hipfile? 

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Dop Import has object mask, which is by default *

so if you are placing it manually, you will have to set that mask to match only which objects you want to import


however if you use shelf tools to setup grains for example, you will notice that it's bringing them to sops using DOP I/O node, which may be more convenient to setup, just look how shelf sets it up and you can replicate it in your scene if you are doing it manually

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hey guys i'm having a similar issue here - i've got a character with some fur curves on him

in a new network called "tubes" i dropped a dopimport, then convert it to polys, and attach polywire

however i have also got that sodded ground plane and i cant find a way to isolate it out - i dont know what to type in the object mask but if i enter the name of the wiresolver1 thats in the auto dopnetwork (for the fur) it doesn't seem to work.  Can anyone help or offer any advice please?




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