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Orienting objects copied on particles


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Pretty classic question I guess but I can't find anything in the old topics that helps me on this.


I just copied some grids on particles animated in dops, with some up vector and some velocity transfered to Normals, the rotation (banking) seems a bit strange and there is of course some jump between from 1 and 2 (because there is not yet any velocity in frame 1 I guess ?)


So is there a way to translate smoothly from the first frame position of the particles to the animation following ?

The angular velocity node is not there anymore, is there any new way of achieving this in the new particle in dops system ?


Many thanx.

Here is a simple scene with my humble set up.

test particles.hiplc

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I think you can put a trail (computing velocity) before the copy node, in the pop branch. Make sure the Velocity Approx is set to forward and you simulate at least 1 more frame than you need to render, so you'll have the parts for computing the vel at you last render frame.


I hope it helps,


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You can do that inside a VOPSOP with a mix node and have $FF fit to a range of 0 to 1 (min fit value: start frame, max fit value: the desired transition end frame) as the bias value for the mix. The input1 and input2 for the mix will be your up,N,v etc. If you have an orient or some other vector4 attribute then you can use the Spherical Linear Interp operator instead of mix.

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Many Thanx Rainroom and bluciensky, for some reason I always forget that time is just perfectly valid in vops.

You can get some really nice control on copies behaviour.


Thanx again, very appreciated help.

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