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rmands error

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Hello. I'm trying to convert an slo into an otl to output a slim shader into Houdini, but it gives me an error message saying: "unable to run sloinfo on ./wood.slo". Weird thing is that it worked half an hour ago on a different computer. Does anybody know what it can be? I have prman connected and houdini_ri_shaders defined. Technically that's all I need to do, no?

Thank you very much

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found a solution - you need to add sloinfo to the Path in the environmental variables. Then is starts working fine. Which brough around

another question - if i create a prman shader in Cutter, I can compile it and turn it into an slo file, which can then be turned into an otl. Can I convert shaders that I create in slim into an slo? By default they are saved as a slim palette files, which rmands doesn't understand. Do you guys know?

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