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Makin' me nutpants.... hold sim until I'm ready to cache?


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Hi !


So I have a very hi-rez sim that I want to cache to disk. I'm SO tired of pressing escape like a lunatic in order to halt the initial frame calculation. I just want to cache it to disk, but it appears that I have to wait for it to calc. the first frame before I can press "Render to disk" etc. If I have the sim disable brain clicked on the bottom, it doesn't cache, of course.


Is there any way around this?


PS, even while I write this, it just occured to me that I could start my sim on frame 2, and that way jump back to frame one without being forced to wait before I can write to disk... gonna try that workaround now...




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- you can always switch to Manual update mode

- or simply not having display flag in chain that needs to cook your dopnet (make sure view mode is set to Show Display Operator so that just selected nodes will not cook automatically)

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Manual mode is a life saver for simulations.  Another workflow tip: I sometimes set my final Particle Size / Voxel Size in a Take, and set the Geometry ROP to render with that Take, then I work at lower resolutions as much as that's possible. It saves from remembering the value, and setting it every time I run the sim out.

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great tips. Of course another issue is that the voxel size dramatically affects the look of the sim, but I suspect there is no way around that one... In other words, my workflow is get it as close as possible, then set the voxels to super high rez and let it sim so you can take a look.....

Unfortunately all sorts of unexpected artifacts show up this way.

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