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cannot see all ( saved ) sim files ..


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hello everyone ,


i have simulated and stored 350 .sim files ( ~450 Mb each )


when i switch the DOP network in sim-play-mode , only first 200 frames are displayed . not any other beyond that .


- can someone suggest to me how to deal with this ?



thanks in advance !



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also you may try loading those .sim files using "file SOP" (To check the simulation) 


thank you very much , Sankar Kumar !


esp. thank you for posting on weekend , while mine wasnt such =) .. and so thats why i only could now "thank you" ..



now back into ` technical ` aspect :


the File_SOP gave me exactly what i wanted; it could read the .sim file format and i didnt knew that ( at least filetype filters of File_SOP `told me so` ) .


before calculating the simulation i set the timeStep to ~0.3 .


i wasnt sure how long the seq would be needed for me and also thought wd be better to have a 3xfinner calculated version .


the problem i had was that while DOP_net was in playback mode it played a lot faster than 1/3rd .


the File_SOP played it immediately the full sim as i expected .


maybe thats explained in Hou_Docs ..


but my rush , lack of exp. and the high-rate-compresion-of-knowledge of Hou_Docus have had for me in past ..


make me Appreciate tremendously the value of houdini community .


the bolded section in line above and this small suggestion below :


- to add an playback_speed control on DOP_net while thats in playsim mode ( since data is there )


.. Go to SESI !





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