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Laptop computer for Houdini?


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can anyone recommend laptops or the specs for a notebook to run Houdini on?

I was looking at Toshiba Satellites, but they have ATI integrated cards...I have known Houdini having issues with ATI cards.

I would appreciate some input.


What system you want to run? Linux or Windows?

I'm wondering about Alienware for myself.

If you want nVidia inside, check this link:


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I have been using a Dell Latitude D800 with an Nvidia graphics card for over a month now and this bit of kit performs very well on both XP and linux.

The Latitude laptops are geared toward professionals (bullet-proof and stable) unlike the top-of-the-line inspirons geared for gamers.

The card and houdini performs nearly identically on both operating systems.


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I have one of the HP zd7000 series laptops that I use when I have to. It's not too bad, the screen is nice, the graphics are fast enough for what I do, but the harddrive is very very slow. One thing that is definitely worth watching out for in laptops is the speed of the harddrive, especially if you don't max out the ram :)

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