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create i3d image without geo2i3d render node


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I´m working with procedural Volumes.

With the  "geo2i3d" node I created a i3d image from my isooffset sop, that is imported in my vopcvex network with a texture3d operator. Everything is working but I wanted to ask if that is the right workflow because  first I could not find the "geo2i3d" node to render out the i3d image. I tried it with other operators but it did not work. So i used the "opunhide" command in the textport to unhide the geo2i3d. That worked.


As the help file recommends to work with .bgeo files directly and the geo2i3d node is not shown by default makes me suspect that there is a other/better way to render out the i3d images? However I was not able to render it out with another render node nor to import a .bgeo file directly into my vopcvex network to get the density without the usage of an i3d image. ( maybe the last try with the .bgeo was nonsense^^)

Has anyone some information regarding this ? Thank you.


kind regards


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geo2i3d is hidden because whole i3d business is now considered depreciated. Houdini native volumes saved in bgeo files should* render at least as fast as i3d, which is old volumetric container in Houdini. Besides geo2i3d one can make now converter in HDK. I don't know other options. 


These are two separate workflows in vex. You either use i3d with 3dtexture or bgeo with volumesample. With the later as preferable. 







* - last time I've checked it wasn't true, but the gab was slowly approaching zero.

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Very new to Houdini and while following a tutorial on cloud fractals from cmivfx, I came across the not being able to find the geo2i3d node. I found this forum and then tried using the opunhide command in the Hscript Textport , but the node still won't appear. Is there something else I might be missing. I can't seem to find a straight solution anywhere.

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