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Voronoi Fracture "filter" tiny pieces during fracture

A. Morales

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Hey Odforce,


Been wondering if theres a way to avoid generating tiny or "splinter" pieces when fracturing an Object,


something along the lines of "avoid small pieces" checkbox (maybe with a cool threshold)


This can easily be done after the fact yes, using a measure sop etc but I cant wrap my head around on how to do it in the process of fracturing.



has anyone tried something similar that can point me down the correct path? 

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Have you tried enabling clustering? You can also glue individual pieces to another or try a different random seed perhaps...?

I actually did end up going this route, and its totally fine for what im doing, but it be great to have a feature like I said above, what happens when i like my fracturing and dont want to cluster it? 




I went with the clustering method, and will just do some manual cleanup afterwards, but it was a feature that popped in my head that would be really useful.

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Seconding f14's way, but it may be more convenient to use fuse instead of relying on the scatters relaxation. Esp when you also do vor fracture points which doesn't really have a proper relax.


The voronoi fracture is begging to be a better HDA with the fuse threshold already built in and vor frac points built into it plus options for wood splinters and radial spreads and such.. one day I shall make it..

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