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Conform Object To Surface?


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Hi All,


I have an Illustrator design that I have copied along a line to make 3 copies. I have extruded it and deformed it along a circle to get the final layout in the general area of the surface I want to project on to.


The target geometry is a vase with a surface pattern. I want the design to follow the contours of the vase.


I have tried the RaySOP but it loses my extrusion when I apply transform points.


Here is the look without Transform Points:



Here is the look with Transform Points:



Is there any way to project an extruded object on to another object and not have it go flat?

I still want to maintain the extrusion height even though the design is conforming to a surface?


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Thanks Yader I guess I could try it that way.


It does work but I had to add a SubDivision SOP for the target surface and use OpenSubDiv Loop Algorithm to create enough point distribution to cover the smaller thin parts of the design I am conforming. The next step is to make this water tight for 3D printing.


What nodes do I add to prepare for .STL output?


Is that step just convert to VDB and back?



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