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WIP - personal/various RnD on Houdini (from 3dsmax knowledge)


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Hi there!

I'm new in Houdini or.... better... I start to study Houdini a few time ago, but only in my freetime and I'm more busy in this last 1-yearsand so... I didn't apply more on it.

In the last 2-3 months ago and I restart ALL from the basic with more basic tutorial of SideFx and web anyway my level is not more high (work, persoanl life, no have more time for me)... I'll share with you my first step and in some case I have a few question.

First... thank you for your time and for your help...

Fire - Flame
I need to work more on the rendering....

capture of structure - https://vimeo.com/146575717
Video output - https://vimeo.com/147087977


RnD Nanomite Effects
this is part of tutorial of Rohan Dalvi and some aspect is the trasportation of my Knowledge from the course FX TD Mentorship by Allan McKay
maybe I re-touch it because I don't love the "trails" aspect... and... question:

Q: if I apply a texture how I can give the same color of the texture on particles?

Dry Ice
I take ispiration from one scene of "Transformer" and some tutorial of Spencer Lueders. Model is not my, I did only the effect of gas but I want try to reduce the fluid and divide it in more simulation.

I try to copy my system of smoke (smoke-solver-source) and I use a node of merge for "union" all but I don't see it in the top level (geo network).

Q: How I can use more pyro sim and see it in my viewport?
Q: I need of *n "pyro_import" network for *n pyro_system?


more wip and I need to understand "how to divide my Pyro" for managment better my sim.

C&C are welcome

Thank you for your time


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Dry Ice
Q: How I can use more pyro sim and see it in my viewport?
Q: I need of *n "pyro_import" network for *n pyro_system? ---- find solution, maybe...


Now I have another question.... Can I apply a "drag force" to smoke? 



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I try to change a scale and re-sim all but when I try to create a different object collision I have a little problem with the position of it.


I have one network with FBX and it's all ok, I create another network and use object merge node for import some part of my fbx file, but in this case is "reverse" not in teh same position...why?


any idea for fix it?






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Hi there,


I came back here after more time :) 

so... I started a new WIP for a personal project on Houdini from concept to final and for now I finish, maybe, the modelling process.

I create two video with the little making.


second step


I hope you like it and... so... thank you for your time.

Ps.: C&C are welcome always!!!

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