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IAMAG Master Classes ’16 - Paris March 18-20/2016


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Trip-Fx 1x003 Interview to Guido Möller - Wacom Europe GmbH - https://youtu.be/n7-OC1RWhwg

Trip-Fx 1x004 Interview to Paul Fratesi - account executive at SideFX  --- waiting for  the approved


Trip-Fx 1x005 Interview to Simon Holmedal - https://youtu.be/yasMVAAHrZQ


by the way you can see the others, the last (Simon) is also a Houdini user (maybe you know)



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i checked on linkedin the size of sesi is realy in the 75 people (linkedin number 72) so when approx. 50% of them are developers it means they have only 35-40 developers that's low.


as a compare:

maxon has 105 people on linkedin 

newtek has 210 people on linkedin (surly most are for the broadcast part)

the foundry has 339 people on linkedin

Pixologic has 20 people on linkedin

Autodesk has 8051 people on linkedin (so many services and products so i have no clue how many are working on maya or 3dsmax)


Next Limit Technology has 63 people on linkedin

Fabric Software Inc has 11 people on linkedin

Isotropix has 23 people on linkedin

Solid Angle has 27 people on linkedin

Redshift has 3 people on linkedin
Robert McNeel and Associates has 54 people on linkedin (Rhino 3D)


so in general cg software company's aren't that big...

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